Take a moment…


Recently on holiday in Kingscliff, I came across this seat on the beach. The first time I saw it, I was with my partner and we weren’t able to take advantage of it because it was being used by a man and his dog. I was hoping we would find another seat similar and we kept walking, but it wasn’t to be.

The next day I was walking on my own and I came across the seat and this time it was taken by a mother and her child. I walked further thinking that there must be another seat like it on the beach, but there wasn’t.

On my way back the seat was vacant and I took advantage of this and sat for awhile and read and looked at the beautiful view that the seat afforded me. The seat was quite comfortable and I began to wonder why it was there and who had put it there.


Did someone put it there for their own use? What about when they came to the beach and someone else was using their seat? Do they politely ask them to move? Can they do that? There is no sign or plaque indicating that it was put there for any particular reason.

Did someone put it there for people to stop and take in the view and to wonder and think and relax? Was it put there to allow for a person to stay and gather their thoughts? Was it put there for a person to stop and just look at the water and to stop thinking? For someone to just sit and take in the world around them?


The least unromantic scenario is that the council put it there, but why only one? I immediately decided that this couldn’t be the case.

I’ve decided that someone put it there for the lost souls, the couples, the families, the individual and their dog, for anyone really, for any reason that they need at that particular time.

I would like to think that it was put there so that we stop and take in the beauty that is around us because it really is quite magnificent.

Maybe there should be more seats like this to make us stop and to appreciate the beautiful world that we live in.